In addition to the regular program we will offer workshops on Monday afternoon (2 September 2019, from 1330-1700)

The proposed workshops are guided towards building skills in early career participants of all backgrounds but should also appeal to more established attendees. Indeed, we encourage the participation of more established attendees to facilitate and/or share their experiences and knowledge to make the workshops successful. The workshops including afternoon coffee will be free of charge. The actual program will depend on the number of attendees.

Proposed workshops:

Career development

A workshop designed to provide early career conference attendees an overview of different career paths associated with rangeland science, governance and industry. Attendees will learn about the steps needed to reach those paths, have the opportunity to ask questions of representatives from science, governance and industry, and to work in small groups discussing key skills associated with different careers.

Communication and pitching ideas

This workshop is aimed at all conference attendees interested in developing clear communication techniques. We will practice targeting different audiences (e.g. professional vs. general public), the use of different media (e.g. online versus print), and discuss how clear communication and pitching ideas can be useful in different aspects of your career.

Leadership in rangelands

This workshop will focus on the traits and skills required to be an effective leader in diverse careers within rangelands. The workshop will be divided into two sections. First, senior individuals with experience in leadership will discuss how they achieved their leadership position and the skills necessary to do so. There will be an opportunity for questions and feedback. Second, the workshop will involve some training exercises on the skills required to be an effective leader at any stage of your career path.

Interface between policy and rangeland stakeholders

Taking advantage of our physical proximity to the Capital, this workshop will focus on demystifying the mutually beneficial exchange between policymakers and Rangeland stakeholders. Topics will include a discussion on the types of information useful for policymakers and how we might convey that information so that it can be applied directly. Additional discussion will focus on how we might establish relationships in politics to communicate our needs as stewards of the Australian Rangelands.

Please indicate your interest in any of the above workshops when you register to attend ARS 2019