0830 – 1015


Conference opening, and Keynote Presentations’ “Policy for rangelands that are changing”

Uncle Wally Bell

Ngunawal Traditional Custodian

Welcome to Country’

Mr Rod Chisholm representing Major General, the Hon. Michael Jeffery, AC AO (Mil) CVO MC

CEO Soils for Life

The importance of soils, and suggestions for strategies and tactics to influence public policy development.

Ms Tess Herbert

Sustainability Steering Group (SSG)

‘Sustainability and resilience from an industry perspective’

Professor Brian Walker

Honorary Professor

CSIRO / Australian National University

Guiding rangelands into an uncertain future’

1045 – 1230


1.1 Enabling drought and disaster resilience 1.2 Evidence based approaches to new practices and policies I 1.3 Sustainable use of rangelands I
1045 – 1100 Mr Andrew Maclean


Southern Gulf NRM

Natural Resource Management can make an important contribution to Disaster Resilience in Rangelands Regions’

Dr Rebecca Cross

Postdoctoral researcher

The University of Sydney

The pros and cons of Carbon Farming in western NSW: stakeholders’ views’

Mrs Dalene Wray

Managing Director

OBE Organic

Bringing it all together: big ideas for big change

1100 – 1115 Professor Geoff Cockfield

Executive Director (Institute for Resilient Regions)

University of Southern Queensland

‘Evaluating the prospects for a rainfall-based insurance scheme for grazing enterprises in the Australian rangelands’

Mr Andy Bubb


Andy Bubb Consulting Pty Ltd

‘Territory Conservation Agreements: partnerships protecting native vegetation and biodiversity across the NT’

Mr Terry Korn

Immediate Past President

Australian Floodplain Association

(presented by Dr Geoff Wise)

‘Influencing Policy and Management of Water in Western NSW – “Pumped”, a case study’

1115 – 1130 Dr Dana Kelly


Dana Kelly Consulting

‘Building community resilience during flood recovery – a case study in western Queensland’

Mr Mal Ridges

Cultural Scientist

Office of Environment & Heritage

‘The value of Aboriginal heritage as a cultural ecosystem service in the rangelands of NSW’

Dr Yuanxin Liu (Yihe Lyu)

Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Assessing Critical Natural Capital in Ecologically Fragile Areas: Land Use Scenarios Based Analysis

1130 – 1145 Mr Grant Stone

Principal Extension Scientist

Department of Environment and Science – Queensland Government

‘The Drought Map Sequence viewer: arranging rainfall and pasture maps for explaining drought situationspart 1, part 2, part 3

Ms Susan Ogilvy

PhD Scholar

ANU Fenner School of Environment & Society

‘Natural Capital Accounting: supporting rangeland producers to balance production and the environment’

Ms Taylah Faulkner

PhD Scholar

The University of Queensland

‘The challenge of community perceptions of the Australian cattle industry: Exploring industry perceptions of the past, present and future’

1145 – 1150 Speedtalk: Ms Jennifer Laffan

Education Officer

NSW Department of Primary Industry

‘Preparing for drought: what the farmers say’

Dr Barry Traill

Director – Outback to Oceans

The Pew Charitable Trusts

‘Identifying policy pathways fit for the Outback’

Dr Katrina Sinclair

Research Officer

NSW Department of Primary Industries

‘Social acceptability of control practices for non-domestic herbivores in the southern rangelands of Australia’

1150-1155 Speedtalk: Mr Grant Stone

Principal Extension Scientist

Department of Environment and Science – Queensland Government

Understanding percentiles for climate and grazing land management decisions through story-telling animation’

1155-1200 Speedtalk: Ms Kath Ryan

Development Officer, Dept Primary Industries & Regional Development WA

Madden-Julian Oscillation influence of phase on rainfall and intraseasonal dry spells: Halls Creek case study..’

1200 – 1205 DISCUSSION Speedtalk: Mr Dan Tyson

Desert Knowledge Precinct

‘Desert Knowledge Research Institute – enlivening research coordination for desert Australia’

Speedtalk: Mr Scott Irvine

Department of Environment and Science – Queensland Government

Mapping livestock grazing distribution for Australia during European settlement -1790-1980’

1205 – 1210 Speedtalk: Dr Geoffrey Edwards

Royal Society of Queensland.

Queensland Rangelands Policy Dialogue

1210 – 1230 DISCUSSION
1330 – 1500


Conversations that Matter I: Social license to operate – Whose responsibility is it anyway? Conversations that Matter II: Does policy undermine the ability of rangelanders to adapt to a changing world? Conversations that Matter III: Land of opportunity
PANELLISTS Ms Pip Band, Meat and Livestock Association

Mr Malcolm Thompson, Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

Dr Justine Lacey, CSIRO

Ms Dalene Wray, OBE Organic

Dr Kim Houghton, Regional Australia Institute

Lin Hatfield Dodds

Dr Mark Stafford Smith, CSIRO

Mr Dan Tyson, Desert Knowledge Precinct


Dr Cathy Waters, NSW Department of Primary Industries

Dr David Phelps, President, Australian Rangeland Society

Leah Feuerherdt, Alinytjara Wilurara NRM Board

Mr Luke Mashford, pastoralist

1530 – 1715


2.1 Rangelands in a global perspective I 2.2 Evidence based approaches to new practices and policies II 2.3 Research and management developments around Australia
1530 – 1545 Professor Zhihong Xu

Director, Environmental Futures Research Institute, Griffith University

 ‘Global Dryland Ecosystem Programme (Global-DEP)’

Ms Kristy Richards


Alinytjara Wilurara NRM Board

‘Learn from the past, Use the best, Adapt the rest: Insights from Alinytjara Wilurara region’ Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Mr Paul Theakston

Rangeland Rehabilitation Officer

Western Local Land Services

‘Rangeland Rehydration in western NSW: collaborative learning and implementation between land managers, EMU and LLS’ Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

1545 – 1600 Ms Cecile Godde

Research Scientist

CSIRO – The University of Queensland

‘Global rangeland systems at threat under climate change and variability’ 

Mr Glen Daniel

Program Manager

Department of Fire and Emergency Services

‘Traditional burning and contemporary risk management in the Kimberley’ Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Mr Jed Matz


CRC for Developing Northern Australia

‘Working together for research success: The CRCNA’s role in forging partnerships across northern rangelands’

1600 – 1615 Professor David Kemp

Professor of Agricultural Systems

Charles Sturt University

‘Strategies for improving Chinese degraded grasslands’ Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3, Part 4

Mr Paul Webb


University of Southern Queensland

Regional NRM investment outcomes for grazing lands in southern inland Queensland.’

Mrs Heather Jonsson


Dalrymple Landcare Committee Incorporated

Peer to peer forage budgeting in the Upper Burdekin Rangelands

1615 – 1630 Dr. Xiaoming Feng

Research Professor

Research Center for Eco-environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences

‘The synergistic effects of afforestation and check-dams on sediment trapping on the Loess Plateau’ Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Dr Alex Baumber


University of Technology Sydney

Incentivising the co-benefits of carbon farming through multifunctional auction schemes

Dr Chris Chilcott

Assistant Science Director


Northern Australian Beef Industry Situation Analysis

1630 – 1645 Dr. Weiwei Zhu

Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences

‘Evaporation change and its impact factors over the Three-River Headwater region from 1958 to 2018’

Mr Greg Brennan


Grazing Innovation

Developing enabling rangelands policies in dialogue with land managers, policy makers, researchers and regulators.’

Ms Skye Glenday

Climate Friendly

‘Active landscape management – developing a more holistic approach to carbon farming’


1645 – 1650 Dr Karl Behrendt

Senior Research Fellow

Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation

Modelling Chinese grassland systems to improve herder livelihoods and environmental outcomes

Ms Giselle Whish

Senior Scientist, Animal Science

Department Agriculture and Fisheries

‘A benchmark for stocking rate management in a highly variable climate’

Speedtalk: Mr Brian Dohnt

Senior Land Services Officer

Western Local Land Services

‘Assessing the effectiveness of kangaroo management through total grazing pressure fencing’

1650 – 1655 Speedtalk: Mr Mitchell Plumbe

Senior Land Services Officer – Agribusiness

Western Local Land Services

‘Rangeland goat production in western NSW: Where are they now?’

1655 – 1700 Speedtalk: Hayley McMillan

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

1700 – 1705 Speedtalk: Dr Mark Stafford Smith

Honorary Fellow, CSIRO Land & Water


‘Valuing Australia’s drylands research and practice globally’



1705-1715 DISCUSSION