We have been hard at work planning the Australian Rangelands Conference (ARS) 2019. We’ve had a terrific response to our sponsorship opportunities and look forward meeting with all of you in September

Please take the time to read the information below and note all deadlines. Please make sure all relevant information is passed on to company staff attending the conference.

We thank you for your continued support of ARS Conference 2019.


Conference Secretariat

Tricia Hopkins, Kaigi Conferencing & Events
T 02 6198 3218 M 0488 445 029
E ARS@kaigi.com.au

Venue Contact

Matthew Sykes. Events & Relationship Manager
E matthew.sykes@wdmanagement.com.au


The Conference will take place at Kambri Cultural Centre at Australian National University.

113-17S Kambri Precinct Office, Cultural Centre, 153 Tageny Road
The Australian National University, Canberra ACT 2600 Australia
W kambri.anu.edu.au


As an exhibitor at the Kambri Centre ANU you have a duty of care to work safely and not endanger the safety of those around you. You are expected to follow all relevant legislation and applicable codes of practice. Serious breaches of safety will not be tolerated.


All incoming items for ARS exhibitors will be accepted at the Kaigi Events and Conferencing office Level 1, The Realm, 18 National Circuit, Barton ACT 2600
No Delivery will be accepted prior to 29 August 2019

Deliveries should be addressed to:
Kaigi Conferencing and Events,
Level 1, The Realm, 18 National Circuit, Barton ACT 2600

Delivery Docket 2019


Please use the venue Delivery docket to send any item(s) to the venue with all the details filled in on the docket to put on your package.


All exhibition goods being delivered to the Kaigi office prior to the ARS Conference should be marked with a delivery docket (last page of exhibitor manual).

  • Kaigi does not take or accept responsibility for the safety of any items, delivered, stored or dispatched to the site in the absence of the exhibitor, agent or contractor.
  • Deliveries can only be accepted on Monday – Friday between 8am-4pm.


All goods must be removed by the close of business on 5 September 2019.

A completed consignment note must be attached to boxes for prompt collection. It is advised that exhibitors using a courier service book a pick up time with the courier company of your choice prior to bump out time.

Consignment notes should be organised prior to the end of the event. Please note that Kambri Centre ANU nor Kaigi staff cannot sign the dangerous goods declaration/customs form.


Goods will only be accepted two working days prior to the conference. Materials for packaging, crates, boxes etc. should be labelled, and removed from the premises during exhibition open hours. Packing materials may only be stored at your stand if they are out of sight and must be contained within the booth area.


All cars/vans need to be parked in a designated car park. Paid underground parking is available at ANU Kambri – Union Court Car Park or there is additional public paid parking available across the ANU. https://kambri.anu.edu.au/about/union-court-car-park

Exhibitors/contractors should be aware Kambri Centre ANU does not have a forklift/trolley onsite for hire. It is recommended exhibitors bring own trolleys for moving exhibitor’s goods.


Bump In Schedule
Tuesday 3 September 0800 – 1015 Exhibitor set up
Tuesday 3 September (1015) – Thursday 5 September (1330) Exhibition open
Bump Out Schedule
Thursday 5 September (1330) Exhibition closes
Thursday 5 September (1330 – 1730) Exhibitor bump out.

Bump In: Exhibitors are permitted onsite to bump in on Tuesday 3 September 0800 – 1015.

Bump out: All excess stock and rubbish must to be removed from your site before close of business Thursday 5 September. Any items left after this time will be deemed as rubbish and discarded.

All goods must be collected from the venue by 4PM on Thursday 5 September.


We request that your exhibition space is open and staffed during the following hours:
Tuesday 3 September 1015 – 1730
Wednesday 28 August 0830 – 1730
Thursday 29 November 0830 – 1330

Displays or exhibits, if any, must conform to all Work, Health and Safety (WH&S) and fire
ordinance rules and regulations, and any applicable Kambri Centre ANU rule or policy notified to you by Kambri Centre ANU. Kambri Centre ANU will not permit the affixing of anything to the walls, floors, or ceilings with nails, staples, or tape of any kind. If this is done without authorisation and damage is suffered, the cost of repair and/or replacement will be payable by the exhibitor as well as any other loss or damage including loss of business resulting from this.

All electrical equipment brought to and used at the Kambri Centre ANU must be tagged and tested to ensure it is safe for operation. Copies of these tags must be provided to Kambri catering office before their use on this site. Clients supplying their own audio-visual equipment, including computers and data projectors or hiring from audio visual companies, are totally responsible for all aspects of installing, interfacing and using said equipment. Electrical equipment and leads must be currently tested and tagged. Damaged or faulty equipment will not be permitted to be used in Kambri Centre ANU. Frayed electrical cables and leads will not be permitted to be used in Kambri Centre ANU.

An exhibitor must not bring in or use at the exhibition site, dangerous and hazardous goods or equipment such as poisonous gas, fuel, noxious materials, or other flammables, and equipment using such flammable materials as gas stoves and electric stoves without prior consent from the Kambri Centre ANU management Wiltshire + Dimas. Even if consent is given, it will be subject to adequate precautionary measures being taken and will comply with all ordinances and laws of the Australian Capital Territory and the Commonwealth of Australia.

No animals with the exception of Guide Dogs are permitted in the Kambri Centre ANU at any time.

Exhibitors should also consult their own insurance companies for suitable coverage of their exhibition merchandise and displays in respect of:
• Insuring exhibits and contents of stands against loss and damage
• Expenses incurred due to cancellation or postponement of the exhibition
• Additional public liability.

Complimentary wi-fi is available for all visitors to Kambri Centre ANU. Please check with registration staff for wifi details.

Please register ALL staff who will be attending. All registered staff are entitled to conference catering.